Welcome to the Scandinavian Bedlington Club

The Scandinavian Bedlington Club (SKBK) was founded in the year of 1977 and is the offical breedclub for Bedlington Terrier in Sweden. We have members in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland and several other countries.

Our job is to keep up and work for our members and breeders interest and take the responsibility of our breed's future development. We inform and give knowledge about the Bedlington Terrier as a breed and how it should be cared for. Monitor and work with questions that are meaningful to our breed.

--> Would you like to become a member of the Scandinavian Bedlington Club? <--
Please contact our treasurer Karolina Lidsell (karolina.lidsell@gmail.com) and give her your contact information (name, address & phone number). The fee for a membership in SKBK is 300 SEK (for 1 year) and should be transfered to the Club's account: BIC: HANDSESS, IBAN: SE30 6000 0000 0002 2733 1141.

Breed specialty show 2020 will be held on August 23rd in Vilsta, Eskilstuna. Judge: Yvonne Bannister, England.